Pipe Bursting

How does pipe bursting work?

Specially designed bladed rollers get pulled through an existing line of pipes by a hydraulically powered bursting unit. As the bladed rollers are pulled through the host pipe they split it apart. An expander attached to the rollers then forces the fragmented pipe into the surrounding soil, while simultaneously pulling in the new pipe.

What are the benefits of pipe bursting?

Pipe bursting services from Spiniello come with some inherent advantages, including:

  • Minimized disturbances. Like other trenchless pipe replacing and rehabilitating services, pipe bursting comes with minimized above-ground disturbances, meaning pedestrians and drivers won’t have nearly as many delays or inconveniences.
  • Affordable. Pipe bursting is a much more affordable alternative to traditional construction trench pipe replacement. You save money on both equipment and labor.
  • Flexible. Pipe bursting is an option for pipes of all sizes and materials.

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