Spiniello’s successful completion of the S.W. Diversion Pressure/Gravity Sewer, Phase III for the City of Baltimore receives “Honorable Mention” for Trenchless Technology Rehabilitation Project of the Year.

Also as part of the project, seven manholes and one bar screen structure that was the convergence of the upstream 54-in. and 66-in. sanitary sewers to the 78-in. In order to complete the rehabilitation of the sewers and the structures, a bypass pumping system had to be set up and operated throughout the course of the rehabilitation. This included eight 24-in. diameter HDPE bypass pipes that were routed a total of 5,600 lf around the repair area. Also sixteen 18-in. pumps were set up to bypass the flow (three being stand-by pumps) from the SWDS, and four 8-in. pumps to bypass the flow (one being a stand by-pump) from the Maidens Choice Pressure Sewer that connects into the SWDS. Spiniello was the prime contractor for the project. Sunbelt was the contractor that completed the bypass pumping and Structural Technologies performed the CFRP lining.

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Sharon Bueno
"Project of The Year- Rehabilitation Honorable Mention Winners!"
October 26th, 2015