Heavy Construction

 Our heavy construction services and experience includes:

  • Open-cut excavation
  • Shaft and tunnel digging
  • Riparian, bay and sea works
  • New potable water systems
  • New sewer systems

Our Success Stories

Every project comes with its own unique challenges, and at Spiniello, we welcome and appreciate the opportunity to tackle all of them. Here are some of our recent success stories:

  • Marine Outfalls in Puerto Rico. Before the outfalls for four cities in Puerto Rico could be constructed, a temporary marine processing facility needed to be relocated. The Spiniello team devised a unique combination of barges, tug boats, cranes, winches and anchors to orchestrate the move. The project was completed without a hitch.
  • The largest potable water infrastructure in the Bahamas. The city of Nassau in the Bahamas needed to get drinking water from two distant wells located at either end of the island. Spiniello ran 180,000LF of PVC piping spanning 6” to 20” to develop the largest potable water infrastructure in the Bahamas. Beyond the piping installation, the project also included thousands of service lines, hydrants and various types of valves.
  • Massive pipeline project in Oklahoma. As a real test of endurance, Spiniello helped the United States Bureau of Reclamation run 26 miles of 66” and 72” welded steel pipe in Atoka, OK.
  • Water pollution abatement in Connecticut. For this multifaceted project in New Haven, CT, Spiniello needed to subaqueously place twin 48” ductile iron sewer force mains, as well as a standalone 48” pipe. The three mains had a combined length of 11,000LF and were supported by 25,000LF of pipes, which were driven on land and into the river bed. We then built a new high-capacity wastewater pumping station, an integral part of a system that serves 200,000 people.

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