The goal of this complex project was to replace a severely deteriorated section of the SW Diversion Sewer, consisting of 1,350 LF of 84" PCCP sewer pipe, with new 84" Fiberglass Pipe.  Additionally, approximately 250 LF of 102" PCCP was slip lined with 96” Fiberglass Pipe and 1,700 LF of the existing 84" PCCP was inspected utilizing visual, sounding and electromagnetic processes for condition assessment.

To accomplish this task, the flow in the existing 84" sewer main was diverted using an 84" Line Stop and a 84"x60" Wet Tap to a temporary wet well. The flow was then pumped utilizing a massive 130 MGD bypass system approximately 3,000 feet to an existing chamber. The pipeline was successfully replaced / rehabilitated and placed back into service in late 2011. Removal of the bypass, site restoration and reforestation were the final elements of this challenging project.