The project required the CIPP lining of the 2-24" water mains with a class 4 structural liner designed for an operating pressure of 120psi and a test pressure of 150psi. Nordpipe supplied the liner. Each line was approximately 700' long with each line having several vertical sweeps. The twin lines went through a marshland, under a river and connected to 2, new 24" valves on the eastern portion of the project. Additional work included the installation of a 24" x 16" MJ tapping sleeve and valve.

As part of the bid requirements the line had to be cleaned and have a pre-lining video inspection. After the inspection it was determined that 4 inversions would be necessary due to the changes in elevation, the vertical bends and several offset joints that were discovered after the video inspection. Spiniello completed the work in a timely manner, to the satisfaction of the owners and engineers.