CML: Cement Mortar Lining

Corrosion and buildup are some of the most common problems plaguing water infrastructure across the nation. These problems result in leakages, poor water flow and greater pumping expenses.

Spiniello offers Cement Mortar Lining (CML) services to help extend the life of pipes in great need of repairs. The CML process has been used in various incarnations since the 1840s, and has now been perfected to allow cement mixtures to be easily and efficiently applied to pipes to strengthen pipe linings and reduce permeability, making it a great alternative to a full pipe replacement.

How do Spiniello’s CML solutions work?

The Spiniello reinforced CML process involves applying layers of lining with reinforced steel rods. This allows our team to rehabilitate pipes with much larger diameters (30 inches in diameter and larger) with high test pressures.

By using this process we are able to eliminate interior corrosion because of the high pH zones created by the CML. These zones act as a chemical shield, preventing the buildup of rust. CML also increases the carrying capacity of pipes, restoring and maintaining high levels of flow capacity for years to come.

What are the benefits of Spiniello’s CML solutions?

Some of the primary benefits of Spinello’s CML services include:

  • Savings. With Spiniello’s centrifugally applied lining, clients get the performance of a brand new pipeline at a tiny percentage of the cost of a replacement. Operational costs are also lower because of the lasting interior protection applied to these pipes.
  • Versatility. By using our specialized equipment, we are able to restore almost any pipe, including steel, cast iron, brick, concrete, asbestos-cement, wood stave or corrugated metal. We can apply these solutions to pipes of all sizes, from four inches to 22 feet or more.
  • Ease. Rather than having to deal with the logistical nightmare of digging up and replacing pipes, CML solutions allow you to leave existing pipes in place.

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