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City of Santa Ana, CA: Orange County Feeder Extension Relining - Reach 1


City of Santa Ana, CA: Orange County Feeder Extension Relining - Reach 1


  • Removal of existing coal tar enamel coating
  • Lining of approximately 2 miles of the 36" diameter Orange County Feeder Extension
  • Installation of air release and vacuum valves
  • Access pit excavations
  • Installation of new pipe and manhole structures
  • Welding of butt straps at pipe joints
  • Removal and restoration of portions of the existing pipeline
  • Removal and restoration of the existing manhole structures
  • Pipe disinfection
  • Traffic control


Spiniello began removing the existing coal tar lining in the pipe via hydro-jet cleaning and water recycling processes, only to find out that the coal tar enamel residue mixed with water was much more than anticipated. This significantly taxed the water filtering and recycling system. The hope had been that once removed, the coal tar enamel would be heavier than water and settle at the bottom of the recycling “frac” tanks, but this was not the case. The water recycling system was therefore modified to account for these existing parameters. After pipe cleaning, butt straps were fitted up and welded at all of the joints. A new cement-mortar liner was then applied, and the rehabilitated pipe was chlorinated and placed back into service.

This project consisted of eight pit excavations in depths up to 8 ft to access the pipeline. These excavations mostly preceded the first shutdown, which removed water and isolated the pipe from other reaches of the Orange County Feeder Extension pipeline. Once rehabilitation was complete, the second shutdown reintroduced water in the pipe immediately after chlorination.  Various manholes and structures were then constructed, followed by extensive street restoration.