CIPP: Cured-In-Place Pipe

Many of our country’s sewer and water systems are starting to degrade because of their age. They are becoming corroded, structurally unstable and ill-equipped to meet the growing demands for flow capacity. However, digging up pipes and replacing them is an unrealistic option considering the budgetary impact and logistical complexities associated with such a project.

Over the last few decades, many municipalities have adopted “trenchless” pipelining solutions like Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) as a more affordable and efficient solution for replacing aging pipes. CIPP lining can be performed to rehabilitate nearly any type of pipe, including cast iron, clay, PVC, concrete, corrugated metal and more. The result: sturdier pipes and more reliable sewer and water main repair without having to excavate existing infrastructure.

How do Spiniello’s CIPP solutions work?

Installing CIPP lining solutions is a relatively simple process. Our team inserts a resin-impregnated liner within the host pipe, inverts the liner and then heat-cures it to form the same rigid shape as the original pipe.

These solutions work for pipes of all shapes and sizes. We are able to rehabilitate water, sewer and industrial process pipes ranging from 4” to 120” in diameter. These pipes can be oval, horseshoe or egg-shaped. 

What are the benefits of CIPP solutions from Spiniello?

There are a number of advantages inherent to Spiniello’s CIPP process:

  • Less stress.  The CIPP process takes far less time, costs less money and has a significantly smaller environmental impact than excavation.
  • Less disruption. CIPP comes with fewer traffic disruptions and interference with utility services.
  • Less corrosion. Corrosion on pipes eventually causes them to become blocked and leaky, but CIPP lining prevents that corrosion from forming.
  • Better performance. CIPP improves the flow capacity and overall durability of pipes.
  • Long-term protection. Installing systems of pipes is a significant investment, and repairing them with CIPP maximizes the long-term value of that investment.

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